Falling off the SpeedWagon

June 24, 2021

Hello again - it has been a while!

Off the SpeedWagon

I’ve fallen off the SpeedWagon - that is I realise that it doesn’t work to blog on a blog platform that you are actively developing.

Every time I’d sit down to write a post, I’d end up adding some code to SpeedWagon instead, hence the huge interval since my last post.

A few years ago, a wise man (named Beach) tried to speak to me about Gatsby JS - but I was resistant to such hipster talk, and front end was something that I’d very conciously tried to retire from a long time ago.

It makes sense though. Especially for a developer writing a blog. In about an hour I was able to clone the Gatsby blog starter to my machine start writing posts - and set up a github action to build and deploy my static site to an Azure webapp.

Gatsby JS

I’ll admit I don’t fully understand what Gatsby is doing, but for a developer writing a blog the workflow is perfect.

  • Create a markdown file in a folder
  • Write your content (Gatsby does live browser preview as you edit)
  • Commit the file to your repository
  • Static site generated and released

Screenshot of a blog post in markdown

This could be the future

Until I get another tech itch I need to scratch…

In case you haven’t noticed, there isn’t much substance to this post, but I am mainly writing it to test my worklow out. More meaningful content to follow.

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